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While it's relatively easy to maintain elements of block paving around your house, it's not completely easy to maintain and to be able to keep your paving looking its best it will require routine cleaning. There are likewise actions that you can take to prevent problems developing with the block paving and this can make the routine maintenance process much easier.

Let us have a look at the 5 points which will certainly help keep the drive, path or patio looking terrific for many years to come:

  1. Hold unwanted weeds at a distance. Unwanted weeds won't expand over the block paving within the surface area below, but they can start to develop in the joints between the stones. Treating the area surrounding the joints with herbicide, even if you're yet to see any weeds, can help prevent this issue from developing. Prevention is certainly better than treatment in cases like this, as established weeds is usually tough to move completely after they have taken hold.
  2. Thoroughly clean the paving frequently. Frequently cleaning your block paving can stop it looking grubby and old. The best way to completely clean your paving is to comprise a solution of hot water and soap and to use this solution on the paving using a brush with tough bristles. These bristles will also help remove particles from the joints.
  3. Deal with algae as quickly as possible. In case you have block paving which is made from stone, then you may experience problems with algae, and these problems can begin to reveal after only a brief amount of time. Among the most reliable methods to deal with algae is to apply regular household bleach, and this must be performed when you first discover the algae.
  4. Think about using a power washer. Making use of a power washer can truly improve the look of one's block paving by washing away all the dirt and grime that has accumulated and help recover the paving to its original colour. This is not a procedure that must be undertaken too frequently however, as over use of power washers can harm the materials that the paving is made from.
  5. Close up the joints of the paving. If you have a great deal of problems with weeds and water getting into the joints of the paving, then using a sealer could help. This may help protect the joints and could minimize the quantity of problems that you have with weeds. It can likewise prolong the life span of your block paving.

Maintaining your block paving does not need to be a tough or time intensive job, and the more often it's performed, the simpler it will be the next time. If you never ever carry out any maintenance on your block paving, in that case at some time in the future you will start to notice that it does not look as great as it used to, and by the time you arrive at this point, it is usually hard to put things right.

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Submitted on
August 17, 2015